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What is K-2

Built as a world-class oasis for teenagers...

K-2 is a place where teenagers come to play, train, laugh, learn and grow so that they can return to the tough world of teens refreshed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



Kanakuk's K-2 offers you a choice of either a 14-Night, or a 28-Night term. 

Both term lengths provide your Kamper with an incredible summer experience full of exciting adventure, high-energy activities, and solid Biblical discipleship - along with more fun than you can imagine! . A 28-night term dramatically expands this experience by providing your Kamper with more than twice the number of parties/skits/trips, deeper life-impacting friendships, and greater opportunities to try new things and increase their self-confidence. 

Most importantly, Kanakuk families find that it's during a 28-Night term that the greatest amount of spiritual development occurs as their child is immersed in a loving and supportive environment surrounded by solid Christian role models. 

*Kamp Store Credit of: $65 for 14-Night, and $75 for 28-Night Kampers will be added to your final tuition. Merchandise and personal care item purchases will be deducted from this credit and the balance refunded. To increase this amount or set a maximum spending limit for your child please login to your account.

Kamp Snapshot

K-2 Kampers can choose to sample from 25+ Kamp activities or spend three of the six daily sessions in specialized training for their favorite sport. Each Kamper will fill the rest of the day with classes of their choosing such as sail, kayak, blob, tramp, waterslides, rappelling, basketball, football, tennis, and that's just the start! Your teen will leave K-2 refreshed and grounded, with memories for a lifetime!


K-2 is a teenager's sports and recreation paradise. We believe that every Kamper that walks into our gates is gifted and will find fulfillment in something recreational. With over 25 sports and activities to choose from, our heartbeat is to help each Kamper find that "something" and enjoy it to the max. Kids thrive at K-2 because of the relationships they develop, the depth of spiritual training they encounter, and the exciting adventures they experience.

  • Water Skiing
  • Water Slides
  • Rock Climbing
  • Waverunners
  • Zip Lines
  • Kayak
  • Wakeboards
  • Rappelling
  • Weight Lifting
  • Blobbing
  • Sailing


Athletes at K-2 who want to maximize their abilities will have the opportunity to train at one of the premier sports camps in the world. Our collegiate athletes and professional staff pour their experience and expertise into our competitive athletes physically, emotionally, and most importantly - spiritually.

Girl Specialties Boy Specialties
  • Wakeboard
  • All Around
  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Fitness Nutrition
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Tri-Athlete
  • Volleyball
  • Wakeboard
  • All Around
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Tri-Athlete

Christian Leadership

We believe that every K-2 Kamper is born to be a Christian leader, not a "follower of the crowd". Peer pressure is enveloping and swallowing today's teen culture in alcohol, drugs, and pornography. We exist to build a solid, unshakable spiritual foundation under our teenagers' feet so they can know their Biblical worldview, walk confidently in their Christ-centered faith, and defend their beliefs to become pacesetters in their homes, their communities, and their schools.


K-2 is 150 acres of beauty and a smorgasbord of first-class sports and recreational facilities. 15 ski/wakeboard boats, 8 ziplines, 6 brand new WaveRunners, beautiful athletic fields and courts galore, world class treetops, gymnasiums, water slides and a boxcar load of balls, and boats of every conceivable kind makes the K-2 picture literally breathtaking to an adventuresome teen. And it's all located on 1/4 mile of shoreline on Table Rock lake.

Packing List

Map and Location


20 K-2 Drive, Lampe, Missouri 65681


Q. When is the final payment due?

A. Final payments are due on March 1st. You can check your balance or make a payment by clicking here. 

Q. What is  the deadline to cancel and still get the deposit refunded?

A. Cancellations after March 1st will forfeit the $200 deposit.

Q. Do you have scholarships available?

A. You can contact the Registration Office for an application to see if you qualify for any scholarships or discounts. 

Q. Can I make monthly payments?

A. YES! You can set-up monthly payments here.  or contact Crystal at 417.266.3233 

Q. Can I pay with a credit card?

A. We can accept checks or electronic checks only for tuition.

Q. What time is check-in?

A. Check-in is 2:00 p.m. on the first day of each term date.

Q. How do I communicate with my Kamper?

A. You can send letters through the mail or send e-mails by logging into your account here.  Your Kamper will not be able to send you an e-mail but they can mail you letters.

Q. Can I send food to my Kamper?

A. Kampers cannot receive edible items during their stay at Kamp. Any food will be confiscated.

Q. Can we send electronic devices to Kamp?

A. Please do not send any electronic devices to Kamp with your Kamper. They will be confiscated and sent home at the parent's expense.

Q. Is sporting equipment provided or do we send our personal items?

A. All sporting equipment will be provided for your Kamper. There is no need to send anything.

Q. Can we purchase store items during closing ceremonies?

A. Absolutely! You can also shop our selection now by clicking here.

Q. How do we send medications?

A. Place medications in a plastic bag along with instructions on an index card. All medications must be in the original container.


Option 1

Kanakuk Charter Bus

Our one-way chartered bus ride is the most fun and safest way to begin your Kanakuk experience. Come ride with friends, other local kampers and kampers from YOUR kamp!

Click here for more info

Option 2

Flying to Kamp

If you need to fly to Kamp, Kanakuk offers shuttle service to all our Kamps and recommend booking through Great Southern Travel (GST).

Click here for more info

Option 3

Driving to Kamp

Bring your child or carpool with friends. We can't wait for you to get here! Visit your Kamp page for a link to Google maps.

Click here for more info

Area Lodging

Find out where Kanakuk families love to play, stay, and eat while in Branson! Many of our Kanakuk families like to stay in the Branson area either right after they've dropped off their Kampers, or right after pick-up. Over the years, they've let us know about many of the places where their family prefers to relax and unwind, spend quality time together, or enjoy a great meal where "someone else does the cooking". 

We'd like to share a few of these recommendations with you- just click the link below and you'll be taken to the Lodging and Attractions page of our website. Of course, if you choose to visit any of these establishments, we'd love it if you'd let them know that the Kanakuk family recommended them to you.

Enjoy! Visit the Lodging and Attractions page..

Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies is a “Don’t Want To Miss” Family event!

We invite you to be here for the exciting end to your Kampers term and meet your Kampers counselors and Leadership team.

A few tips from our parents:

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring your camera
  • Stay hydrated

To review the schedule of events, click here.

Every Kamp has a different Closing Ceremonies schedule to help families with Kampers at different Kamps. We make it easy to compare and print out schedules here.



2015 Term Dates

2 Weeks

Term 1
May 30 - Jun 13
Ages 14-18

Term 2
Jun 13 - Jun 27
Ages 14-18

Term 3
Jun 27 - Jul 11
Ages 14-18

Term 4
Jul 11 - Jul 25
Ages 14-18

Term 5
Jul 25 - Aug 8
Ages 14-18

4 Weeks

Term 1
Jun 13 - Jul 11
Ages 13-18

Term 2
Jul 11 - Aug 8
Ages 13-18

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