What is KampOut!

KampOut is a high energy, non-stop excitement,  traveling day Kamp experience from Kanakuk Kamps!  Every KampOut! Kamper will see and hear that God is a loving Father and wonderful Creator who loves them and desires for us to love others. Together Kampers will learn to pick-good friends and be a good friend because Jesus loved us first. 



Dates Location(s)
Week Aug 4-Aug 8 Central Baptist Church - Jonesboro AR
Aug 4-Aug 8 Antioch - Norman OK
Aug 4-Aug 8 Church at Rock Creek - Little Rock AR

Kamp Snapshot

Campers at KampOut! day camp will participate in five days of amazing activities led by professional Kanakuk Kamps staff. Days start at 9:00am and run until 4:00pm. Each day, campers experience Jesus through Bible study and worship and have a blast with activities like a slip-n-slide, climbing wall, zip line, Euro Bungee and more!


Pricing:  The price for one week at KampOut! is $225. This includes the full program, activities and snacks per-week.  The cost does not include lunch each day. (Your child is required to bring lunch.)

Please note, pricing for Mount Sequoyah United Methodist Church KampOuts are $250 (+ optional $25 food fee).

We are unable to provide early drop off Kamper care.

Additional weeks are the same price.

$50 Deposit: A $50 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is needed to register.

Deadline: Full payment is due one week prior to KampOut!


Scholarships are available through our partner churches. Please contact your Host for more information.  


Register: You can register online or by calling 417-266-3000.  If you are a current Kamper, please log in using your existing accounts to register. If you need to find your username, call 417-266-3000 for assistance. New Kampers can create a new account. This account will allow you to complete the remaining steps.

All registrations must be completed by Friday at midnight the week prior to KampOut. Late registration may be available after Friday, fees and restrictions may apply.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 7-days prior to term start date will result in forfeiture of $100. No-shows for a scheduled Kamp will result in forfeiture of the full Kamp tuition.

Drop Off/Pick Up

Kampers may be dropped off starting at 8:40 am each morning.  Kampers may be picked up at 4:00pm each afternoon. Parents are requested to come in to drop off your child on Monday. We will have you fill out a pick-up authorization form. After that, you may drop your Kamper off curbside each morning. For pick up, we ask that you come in each afternoon. To ensure each Kamper’s safety we will be checking photo IDs to make sure it matches one of the names on the pick-up authorization form.  

Parent Pickup

Kampers may be dropped off starting at 8:40 am each morning.  Kampers may be picked up at 4:00pm each afternoon. Parents are requested to come in to drop off your child on Monday. We will have you fill out a pick-up authorization form. After that, you may drop your Kamper off curbside each morning. For pick up, we ask that you come in each afternoon. To ensure each Kamper’s safety we will be checking photo IDs to make sure it matches one of the names on the pick-up authorization form.  



7:00 -- KampOut staff arrives at site

8:40 -- Welcome Kampers

9:00 -- Large Group Game/Trailhead

9:30 -- Period 1

10:10 -- Period 2

10:50 -- Snack

11:05 -- Period 3

11:45 -- Period 4


12:25 -- Lunch

12:55 -- Tent Devo

1:20 -- Activity Period 5

2:00 -- Activity Period 6

2:40 -- Snack

2:55 -- Clean Up

3:00 -- K-Life

4:00 -- Kamper Check Out

Packing List

Here's What You Need To Pack:

·         Lunch

·         Water Bottle

·         Bible and Pen

·         Backpack

·         Swimsuit (Modest One Piece for girls)

·         Towel

·         Sunscreen

·         Sandals or Flip-Flops for water activities

·         Tennis Shoes (for all activities)


·         Radios or iPods

·         Cell Phones

·         Water Guns


How does Kanakuk hire staff?

Application – All potential staff fill out an extensive four page application that describes past work history, references, personality strengths, character, spiritual beliefs, and athletic background.

Interview – All potential staff go through an exhaustive interview with one of our trained staff who ask each applicant in-depth questions regarding family history, social involvement, spiritual growth, moral beliefs, and coaching abilities. Our interviewers have been professionally trained by one of America's best staff interview firms to give them increased skills in screening an applicant who might endanger a child.

References / Background Checks – Each applicant is required to submit two written personal references/evaluations before being considered for a position. Also, each potential staff member is processed through multiple official background checks including the National Criminal Background Database, the National Sex Offender Registry, and the National Identity Confirmation.

Selection Process – Due to a tremendous amount of applicants each year, Kanakuk is able to be extremely selective in our summer staff hiring process. Our directors hand-pick each staff member for their passion, spiritual maturity, love for kids, and commitment to Kanakuk’s vision and mission.

Contract – All staff sign a contract agreeing to follow Kanakuk's policies and procedures throughout the duration of their employment.

What type of supervision will be provided?

Kanakuk Kamps has a well defined process to supervise Kampers and staff. This process helps to create a positive and healthy experience for your Kamper. The process consists of multiple layers of management oversight in all areas concerning safety, health and risk management.

Kamp operates day to day under a strict schedule of programs and activities with continuous supervision provided by our staff. Staff and Kampers receive training and orientation regarding appropriate and inappropriate behavior when interacting at Kamp. Kanakuk's supervision process directs each person to monitor the conduct of all persons in Kamp and to report any behavior which is not consistent with Kamp's code of conduct guidelines.

What is your strategic initiative to protect my child?

Child protection is the most important aspect of providing families with the best Kanakuk experience possible. That is Why we have developed an industry leading, comprehensive child protection plan that is being used to train over 400 youth programs nationwide. Please checkout the extensive plan at our site.

What is your policy on behavior problems?

All counselors are trained in our behavior management and zero-tolerance bullying policy. If a Kamper’s behavior interferes or distracts from the KampOut! experience, the Kamper is removed from the situation. After a conversation with the Kamper, they are given an opportunity to make it right and rejoin their tent. When necessary, consequences are given, through grace & love. Parents are notified @ pickup if there were any behavior problems. At no point will corporal punishment be allowed. If there is no change in the Kamper's behavior, the Kamp Director will call the child's parent/guardian and discuss the options.

How are Kampers grouped for the week?

KampOut! is an exciting place to meet new friends. We will try to honor “tentmate” (small group) requests that are made by the Friday before the start of Kamp. Kampers are placed in "tents" based on age and requests. We try our best to not "overload" a tent with pairs of requested Kampers.

How do I request my child to be placed in the same tent with a friend/relative?

During the registration process one of the steps gives you the ability to request a cabin mate for your child. For KampOut! Kamper groups are called "Tents" instead of cabins. If you choose to invite a friend or relative to be in the same tent as your Kamper, you will need to include the friend's name and parent's email address. An invitation email will be sent to the parents and they can deny or accept the invitation. This invitation will include a code that the invited parents will use to accept the tent mate invitation. When you log into your account at myKanakuk.com, you will be able to see if the invitation has been accepted or is still pending. In order for the Kampers to be connected to each other, the invitation HAS to be accepted. You can request a maximum of 2 tent mates. 

Will you provide medical care on site?

At a minimum, each KampOut! session will have a health officer who is CPR/First Aid certified.

What do I do if my child is put on a waitlist?

When KampOut! locations reach their capacity a waitlist is created online. This list is managed by the date you register your child. You will be contacted when a spot becomes available. If there are no remaining spots for that location, we encourage you to look at the other locations that may be in your area.

Is the cost of KampOut! a different price if my child does not attend the entire week?

There is no price difference if your child does not attend the entire week. We cannot offer a pro-rated rate.

What should my child wear to camp?

We recommend that you send your child to KampOut! in clothes that can get dirty. Remember this is a summer camp environment and we may have activities that cause your child to get wet or dirty. Your child should be in summer attire, and no flip-flops.

Do I need to pack a lunch for my child?

Yes! We ask that you pack a healthy lunch for your child. In addition to lunch, it is a GREAT idea to send a water bottle with your child. We will provide a morning & afternoon snack for your child each day.

What time does KampOut start and end?

KampOut! begins every day at 9:00 a.m., doors will "open" at 8:40am. Pick up at the end of the day will be between 3:50 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Is early drop off or late pick up available?

No, we are unable to provide early drop off or late pickup Kamper care.